Vital Signs

"Vital Signs" SDMA Awards “Best Jazz Album” 2004

{BluePort Jazz BP-J012}

The first album publication of legendary jazz guitarist JAIME VALLE 
on BluePort Records is notable for its continuation of the guitar maestro's 
longstanding commitment to the combination of great sound and impeccable musical taste. 

The signal achievement of VITAL SIGNS resides in the album's celebration of life -- a cheerful, uproarious affirmation of life's generosity. Jaime Valle underwent heart surgery under the skillful hands and caring expertise of a team of surgeons who, as they operated, played his music as they did their work. VITAL SIGNS not only celebrate their success. It is a heartfelt appreciation to that team of surgeons for keeping the maestro's music going strong. 

VITAL SIGNS demonstrates that rare fact: a tribute to others that celebrates life's buoyant comic cheer need not be ponderous. The music in this album surges, sprints, gallops, and lifts one's spirit from start to finish. 

THE CUTS : Recado Bossa Nova ; Mambo Inn ; Favela ; Tres Palabras ; Serenade for a Cuckoo ; You Are Too Beautiful ; Sun Sun Babae ; 
Obsesion ; & Mi Descarga. 

THE MUSICIANS : Guitarist Jaime Valle; Percussionist Allan Philips; Bassist Bob Magnusson; Drummer Cesar Lozano; Saxophonist John Rekevics; Trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos; Vocalist Quino; Drummer 
Cliff Almond; Bassist Russell Blake; Saxophonist Anthony Ortega; Trombonist Michael Dessen; Percussionist Gene Perry; Vibraphonist 
Dave Pike; Bassist Peter Skrabak. 

THE VIBE : if you are interested in mainstream and latin-inspired jazz 
that pushes both the sonic envelope and your own buttons, VITAL SIGNS is a candidate for inclusion in your car, office, main stereo rig, or anywhere you'd like the feeling of soul-satisfying joy to erupt. 

Mastered at world famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood, Jaime Valle's debut album on BluePort is a sign of jazz things on the move right now.